A Cure for Anxiety

You could die today… or tomorrow. Tomorrow could be a good day … or a terrible one.

Will you have a job? Will your wife or husband still love you? What if your house burns down? Did you turn the iron off? What will people think of you? Are all these questions making you anxious? Humans are experts at being anxious.

We are experts at being anxious because we know deep down that we don’t have control over very much; and if we were brutally honest, we would admit that we don’t ultimately control anything. Do you control your next heart beat? Do you decide to take your next breath? None of us do and none of us were meant to. There is only one person who has control over everything and it is God (even if you don’t believe in God, He is the only one, by definition, that would be capable of controlling everything). He talks to you through the Bible and tells you that He is in control, He is good, and you can trust Him; you have the opportunity to seek His protection or to continue living in your uncontrolled, anxiety inspiring world.