Australian Idols

Australian (or American or NZ or whatever) Idol was one of the most popular shows on TV. It was all about creating a pop idol. But idolisation hasn’t always been thought of as a good thing.

When something is called an idol, it actually means that thing is being worshipped as a god. You might think that you don’t ‘worship’ anything much, but worship is really just giving up your money and time believing that some ‘thing’ or some ‘one’ has the power to bring you happiness. Perhaps you are relying on it to make you feel better. Have you ever gone shopping to cheer yourself up? What you might actually be doing in your heart is bowing down to the idol of shopping.

You’re probably thinking, ‘So what?’ but you are making an idol to worship, often without even knowing it, out of your retail therapy excursions. Of course, this ‘idol’ and ‘worship’ is not like a gold statue in your living room that you bow down to! Instead, it’s part of your life that you desire, value, love, trust in and pursue, and something you sacrifice time and money for. An idol is something you go to for a sense of joy, peace, security or comfort. It is something you seek out in your troubles to make you feel happy or to help you escape for a while.

All kinds of idols work the same way, even though they can have many forms.

Shopping is just one example—food, technology, relationships, entertainment can also be idols, along with many more things. Your idol is the person or thing that holds the most weight in your life. But watch out because the treasure or hobby or person you cherish and rely on the most, can be absorbing your passion, enthusiasm, longings and desires.

Whether we realise it or not, we are all worshippers, and there isn’t a time when we don’t put our trust and hope in something or someone—even if that person is ourselves! Just like bowing down to a gold statue, when we sacrifice money and time and seek happiness or comfort from shopping, or from a boyfriend, or from food or from… it is all the same kind of thing. An idol is essentially a ‘god’. Shopping, eating or having a boyfriend are not bad things in themselves. But when one of these things becomes the centre of your life—when it becomes an idol or a god and all your actions show you worship it—then it’s inevitable your life will end up out of balance.

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Where your treasure is, that’s where your heart is’?

Have a heart check-up.

  • Are you valuing different people for themselves?

  • Are you spending your money wisely according to your budget?

  • Are you eating healthily and moderately?

  • Are you keeping shopping in perspective along with other fun in your life?

This kind of balanced lifestyle will naturally bring you joy and help you feel better in the long run. I encourage you to ask yourselves these questions and talk to your merciful, loving Father God about the answers. He wants to be the only thing you worship because He knows that is what is best for you.