Do You Do Well To Be Angry?

Ever asked an angry person if their anger is justified? They almost always say yes.

In fact, I have never heard an angry person say no! Be honest, which one of us hasn't felt that sense of righteous indignation when we have been angry? ‘They deserved it. They had it coming,’ we think. ‘Someone had to set it right – so it may as well have been me.’

Yet I wonder how many times, after the emotion has died down, the thought slowly dawns on you (as it has for me) that your anger wasn't quite as justified as you assumed it was in the moment.

Anger is a particularly blinding emotion.

It is possible that anger may do some good but, like the Hulk, it tends to bring about more trouble, and cause more destruction than it solves. I was talking with a young boy a couple of days ago and suggested to him that anger was kind of like being blindfolded; you can't see where you are going when you are angry. I asked him what picture describes anger best for him. He said ,

it was like someone was yelling at him and telling him what to do and he had no choice but to do it.

That's a good picture.

It describes well the way that other things can come in and rule our hearts. Let's be careful to slow down in our angry moments, so we can see the desires of our heart that seek to rule us. And let's definitely be quick to dethrone the desires that enslave us.