Jesus Did Not Come To Make Bad People Good

‘Santa only comes to people who’ve been good’... ‘I’m a bad person’... ‘They’re a bad person’... ‘They don’t deserve such terrible things; they’re just such good people...’

Have you ever heard or made comments like this?

These are the kind of comments made when people try to evaluate the worth of a person based on their actions or thoughts. As the Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias says, “Jesus did not come into this world to make bad people good.

He came to make dead people live. If Jesus’ offer of salvation was to make bad people good, then people would be able to create their salvation on their own by obeying a set of moral rules. But the truth is that very few, if any people are able to reach the ‘good’ standard. The good news is that Jesus came to bring life to the good and the bad. All people are spiritually dead because of sin and need to be brought to life. The good news is that Jesus pays by laying down his perfect life, for our sin, rises again, beats sin and death and invites all people everywhere to come and join Him in new eternal life.