Live Local

Live Local. You say, "Sure I do. how could I do anything else?"

Yet our culture tends to drive us to live anywhere but local. We can easily live our lives in cyberspace, spending inordinate amounts of time on Facebook or gaming - Checking out the lives of others; inventing versions of our own lives to post online; moving pixels across a screen... and living nowhere in particular.

We watch TV and movies. "It's just an innocent escape," we say. A pleasurable distraction. Yet where are we when we are watching them? Probably nowhere in particular. What about mobile phones? Their alert tones take us away from where we are, away from the local. Who has ever had a child, spouse or friend say:

"Can you put that phone down and listen to me when I am talking to you?"

You know what that is? That is someone who wants you to live local. They want you to be present so that they can connect with you. Distraction, escapism, hedonism, the internet, the media and phones – all vehicles that move people away from living locally, to living nowhere in particular.

It is a profound reality that God took on human flesh in Jesus, and became a real man at a specific time and place in history.

In his humanity, he could only be at one place in any one point in time. Interestingly, most of what we have recorded about Jesus occurred in the last three years of his life. What was he doing the rest of the time? He was doing family life and working with his father Joseph as a carpenter. Pretty ordinary stuff. Pretty local stuff. Jesus knew the profundity of living local. We could learn a lot from him.