Our Glasses Are Dirty

We all seem to be pretty good at assuming that we see things clearly.

We assume that our read on a situation is clear, accurate and that it is other people who see it the wrong way. We think we understand things fully; that we ‘get it’ even if our view is questioned. But what about all of those times we said that we ‘got it’, only to find out afterwards that we didn’t ‘get it’ at all. Do we ever understand anything clearly? I think that a large part of the problem with the way we understand ourselves and the world around us is that our view is almost always obscured and shrouded by our context.

So is it possible that your ‘take’ on God is not what He is like at all?

Do you clearly see what He is like or has your context obscured Him?

  • ‘Maybe He is like those Christians … if He is then I am never going to follow him.’

  • ‘Maybe He is like those judgemental religious people ... I am never going near him.’

  • ‘Maybe He was the only one that could have stopped that disaster in my life and He did nothing … I am never going near him, he neither loves nor cares.’

The one problem with all of these interpretations of God is that they are all context dependent, and ultimately blind us to what God is truly like.

What if He is different from all of these caricatures? What if He is infinitely better than all of these and you miss Him because you look through the glasses of your context? If He is alive and real, then let Him tell you about Himself. That’s the point of the Bible: God teaching you about Himself and about you. I would suggest that you start by reading the gospel of Mark.

Leave your preconceptions at the door and ask Him to show you what He is like.

I guarantee you; He will surprise and impress you.