At The Project Church we try to be real about the fact that struggle and suffering is part of life. Everybody hurts and needs help at times. We believe God allows suffering and strife because it is part of His plan to grow our hearts and character.

He wants to be our rescuer, redeemer and comforter in tough times, but His care for us doesn’t stop there! God cares about all the details of our lives and wants to be our go-to for all our needs – physical, emotional and spiritual.

As part of His character-growing process, God often waits for us to admit that we need help – we need Him. So, admitting that you’re struggling is the first step. One of the way God meets our needs is through people and community. God means for us to lean on each other. In this way we would love to support you! Please let us know how you’re struggling and we will follow God’s leading in how we can be there for you.

There are various ways we can offer you support – whether your life has taken an expected turn, you’re battling an addiction or facing relationship difficulties, abuse or bullying. Whether you’re out of resources, you just need a hot meal or you’ve stuffed up big time, we will treat you with dignity, care and appropriate confidentiality. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. If we are unable to help we can connect you to reputable, specialised services.


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We have trained and experienced counsellors on our team who can meet with you to help you see God’s truth in whatever you’re facing, whether you’re a bit stuck or fighting a raging inner battle.

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For medical emergencies call 000.

If you are facing a crisis and need to talk to someone immediately please call The Project’s Lead Pastor, Peter, on 0412 325 429.

For support after hours including crisis and suicide prevention call Lifeline on 13 11 14.