Personal Struggle

If you are human, you struggle from time to time. Find hope here.

Reasonable Faith

You don’t have to switch your brain off to be a Christian. There are good reasons for believing and trusting in God.


Jesus is the great rescuer, the ultimate redeemer.

The Bible

The Bible is a book that God wrote. You can read it anytime. It tells you about who you are and who God is.


People have been made for relationships and don’t function well alone.





 Peter Sondergeld

Peter is married to Angela and together they have four sons. Peter began working at Toowoomba Christian College in 1996. He taught Manual Arts for ten years and was the Head of Pastoral Care for six years. Peter is a registered counsellor. He gets excited at the thought that God might work through him to grow people up to be more thoughtful, strong and passionate.


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