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These are some of our favourite resources for parents. We would love to know how we can better support your family. Let us know where you are struggling – get in touch .

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We believe that you are never too young to learn about Jesus and aim to teach each child in an age appropriate way that Jesus loves them and wants them to love him back.


Teaching kids about God’s great rescue plan for us.

Every Sunday morning of the school term for children aged 3 – 12. The kids are released from church after the corporate worship part of the service. They are escorted to nearby classrooms where a roll is taken. Please accompany your child on their first visit to complete a registration form.

Each week your child will learn from the Bible in a way that is fun and will encourage active involvement. We want your children to be excited about who Jesus is and what he has done for them.

We let you know what we'll be teaching in advance so you stay in control of your child's learning.

Teachers & Helpers

We are blessed to have a team of caring, fun teachers and helpers who will present the gospel through games, craft and activities at a level appropriate to each class.

We understand how precious your children are and take great care to make sure they are safe at all times. Every kids’ environment is supervised by several trained volunteers who have submitted to background checks and been cleared by our staff.

Project Kids Events

Project Kids runs special events for children and families throughout the year, usually once a term or so. The aim is to develop the children’s faith, friendships and involvement in community. Kids are encouraged to bring along all their friends. Find out when the next Project Kids events are on here.


Do you have a way with kids and a heart to serve in this area? Volunteer with Project Kids!


Ruth Pereira – projectkids@theprojectchurch.com.au


We desire to see a community where kids:

  • grow and mature in an environment that fosters true humanity, such that true humanity would not be foreign, but normal.

  • are well-prepared for their ongoing walk with Jesus because of the knowledge and love of God developed when they were young.

  • seek to follow Jesus as Lord even while young, not seeing faith as just something to be considered when they are older.

Core Values

  • All people are valuable as embodied souls, no matter the age.

  • It is ultimately the responsibility of parents to disciple their children, but we are called to support and equip.

  • We believe in encouraging kids to own their own faith.

  • We minister to children out of the overflow of what we receive from God.

  • We value reaching children whose families are lost, as well as those who regularly attend church.

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