At The Project we believe everybody is in ministry, whether you work in a typical ministry or leadership role or not, each of us is called to worship God with all our lives and minister to those around us. We are all each other’s keepers.

We are intentional about equipping the church family to minister with wisdom and insight. We encourage you to join us as we learn to walk in God-centered community.

Leading Community

Exploring the Biblical call to community and what that looks like practically and spiritually. This short course is a prerequisite to becoming a Project Community Group leader.

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Becoming Wise Counsellors

Looking at how we can be better, truer friends to each other! Exploring how we can effectively walk alongside people, support and comfort them through difficulty and suffering, ask good questions, help each other to get to the heart of the matter and invite God, the most skilled counsellor, in to our messy reality.

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Leading Restoration Groups

Restoration Groups are small groups where participants experience the transforming love of God in life’s deepest areas of sin and suffering.

The Project is a training church for Restore Ministries. If you are interested in becoming a leader of Restoration Groups, or starting the ministry in your church, contact More information coming soon.