Not sure how the story of Jesus intersects with your everyday life?

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These sessions are practical, grounded, relevant and open to everybody, whether you’re a Christian or not. Invite your friends!

We are convinced the Gospel (the story of Jesus) affects more than just your salvation after death – it has implications for your entire life today.

Project in 60

Come and hear what God has been doing in the Project and be inspired by how you could be part of it.

Connect with some of the leaders in the church and have afternoon tea on us. 


New Members Course

Membership in the church is not ultimately about paperwork and formal agreements, it is about you being part of God’s family. We, at the Project Church, whilst being a small part of God’s family, love God’s big plan to restore people to being truly human. If you want to understand what being truly human is and how you can partner with the Project Church as they join with God in his work, then the new members course is for you. 

This five-week course aims to get you familiar with some of the details of the Project Church. You will learn the basics of what we believe and what it looks like on the ground. If you are new to the church, then you would do well to join in – it will help you to get your head around who we are and what God has called us to. If you have been here for a while and you want to brush up on what true humanity is, and how to bring it about in others, then you are welcome as well.


Jesus spent almost a ¼ of his time talking about money, so he must have thought it was important! How should we spend, save and invest our money? Is a budget important? What are the priorities and essentials of a good budget? Is debt okay? Questioning where we spend our money helps us to reflect more broadly on how we live our lives. Ultimately, what we think about money is a reflection of what we believe God is like.

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The Marriage Weekend

When you signed up for marriage you signed up for two becoming one - two people, deeply intertwined, operating as one. It’s an incredibly profound reality because of the way it connects with the deepest parts of our being; the desire to love and be loved.

But who thought it would be so hard?

Who thought the pathway to this wonderful destination would be so difficult sometimes?

Marriage becomes harder when one or both of the marriage partners become less personal with each other. In marriage, a little disconnection leads to greater disconnection and a downward spiral which is hard to stop. There are many pressures which can steer marriages in this direction: shame, anger, anxiety, and idolatry (to name a few). For a marriage relationship to thrive it requires that both parties interact personally with one another in an ongoing way. When this doesn’t happen, the marriage suffers.

The marriage weekend is an opportunity for you to hear teaching and have deep conversations with your spouse. It is an opportunity for you to interact personally with them.

Who is it For?

Anyone who is married.

The Marriage Weekend aims to build into and grow all marriages. Whether you are struggling in your marriage or it is travelling well, the Marriage Weekend will be helpful for you.

Think of it as a marriage tune up where you get to hang out with your spouse in an intentional way.

Feel free to invite people from outside the Project Church.

The Details

The Marriage Weekend: Saturday 14th September 8am-2pm & Sunday 15th September 9:30am-11am at Toowoomba Christian College Auditorium

Morning tea and lunch provided on Saturday 14 September

No child minding provided. Please make your own arrangements.

RSVP by 10th September 2019

Cost: $40

Once a year The Project holds a marriage weekend – a retreat for married couples to take time out and intentionally reorient to God and each other.

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How we understand sex has implications on couples and family as a whole. Is sex mostly about pleasure? Is it just a gross act for producing children? When is it okay to have sex? What does the bible say about sex? Join us as we discover and discuss God’s good plan for Sex.

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Family is the central building block for culture and society as a whole. How we think about the family unit affects the rest of life: career, parenting, travel, relationships. How should a family operate? What is helpful/unhelpful for a family to consider? What does the bible say? Join us as we discover God’s good plan for Family.

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